Keto Shopping List

The most difficult part of starting any new diet is learning what foods are and aren’t acceptable.  I have had a lot of people ask me lately what are the main foods allowed on a ketogenic diet, so I thought I would put together a quick list that might help get you started. * items … Continue reading Keto Shopping List


Keto Clan’s ‘Mushroom Sauce’

As nice as it is eating your steak and veggies covered in butter, sometimes it is good for a slight change.  Adding a mushroom sauce is like magic when you're getting a little bored with your meals. Nutritional Information – Calories 213 (3  Servings) Total Fat 23 g             Saturated Fat 15 … Continue reading Keto Clan’s ‘Mushroom Sauce’

Keto Clan’s ‘Leek & Cabbage mix’

Keto Clan's 'Leek & Cabbage Mix' My husband used to make this for us before keto, except instead of cauliflower it was with mashed potatoes which was pure heaven! He decided to try it with some cauliflower and it was just as tasty.  I honestly have no idea what to call this side dish but … Continue reading Keto Clan’s ‘Leek & Cabbage mix’